Seminar 2: The developmental bubble


Date: Monday, 23rd March, 2015
Location: University of Sussex

‘Digital Bubbles: Innovative technologies for Autism’ held the 2nd of its 7 ESRC-funded seminars at the University of Sussex on Monday 23rd March 2015.

The theme of this bubble was development. Are aspects of development in autism best seen as delayed or different? How can developmental psychology inform understanding and intervention? If autism involves different development, maybe we should re-think how we intervene. Different theoretical approaches illuminate these questions in different ways, as represented by our exciting range of speakers:

  • Ouriel Grynszpan, CNRS Paris
  • Vasu Reddy, University of Portsmouth
  • Antonia Hamilton, University College London

The seminar was opened by Richard Brown and Mark Bushby, of Autism Sussex.