The Journal of Enabling Technologies (JET, Previously published as the Journal of Assistive Technologies) has made the Digital Bubbles articles available on free access from 30th October- 30th November 2017. More information here.

Seminar 1

Parsons, S., Yuill, N., Brosnan, M. & Good, J. (2015) Innovative technologies for autism: critical reflections on digital bubbles. Journal of Assistive Technologies, 9(2), 116 – 121.

Seminar 2

Yuill, N., Parsons, S., Good, J. & Brosnan, M. (2015) Knowing me, knowing you: perspectives on awareness in autism. Journal of Assistive Technologies, 9(4), 233 – 238.

Seminar 3

Brosnan, M., Parsons, S., Good, J. & Yuill, N. (2016) How can participatory design inform the design and development of innovative technologies for autistic communities? Journal of Assistive Technologies, 10(2), 115-120.

Seminar 4

Good, J., Parsons, S., Yuill, N., & Brosnan, M. (2016) Virtual reality and robots for autism: moving beyond the screen. Journal of Assistive Technologies, Vol. 10(4), 211 – 216.

This paper is also available at University of Bath Online Publications.

Seminar 5

Parsons, S., Yuill, N., Brosnan, M. & Good, J. (2017) Interdisciplinary perspectives on designing, understanding and evaluating digital technologies for autism. Journal of Enabling Technologies, Vol. 11(1), pp. 13-18

Seminar 6

Brosnan, M., Holt, S., Yuill, N., Good, J. & Parsons, S. (2017) Beyond autism and technology: Lessons from neurodiverse populations. Journal of Enabling Technologies, Vol. 11(2), pp. 43-48

Seminar 7

Parsons, S., Yuill N., Brosnan M., Good J., (2017) “A child with autism only has one childhood”: main themes and questions for research from the “Digital Bubbles” seminar series. Journal of Enabling Technologies, Vol. 11(3), pp. 113-119